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WingOver Aerobatics flight training program consists of three course sections.  These sections are, Unusual Attitude & Spin Training, Aerobatics, and Advanced Aerobatics Each course includes both ground school and flight time as listed in the individual section below.  Take a few moments to study the information below to see which course is best for you.  Feel free to contact us for more information on our flight training program. All instruction is by appointment only.   Testimonials from previous students.

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Are you intimidated by steep turns and stalls?

This training is targeted  to making you feel more in control flying any airplane. It will build self-confidence in all phases of flying and is a must for CFIs. It exceeds the FAA requirements for spin recovery endorsements, giving you the confidence you need. Experience the thrill of flying a responsive aerobatic plane to perfect your skills. It may just save your life! 





Once you’ve completed the spin course, move on to the Aerobatic course. This is probably the most fun you will ever experience in an airplane!  Experience the thrill of rolling and turning free in the sky. It will sharpen your reflexes, build self-confidence   and increase your  flying skills making you a much more capable pilot. The aerobatic  moves will be covered in 4 hours ground school and 8 hours of in-flight training.




Offered in the Pitts only.

This course is for those who  have always wanted to tumble through the sky. This flying is done on an hourly basis and is custom designed. Each flight hour includes 30 minutes of ground school. All you have to do is buckle up and watch the world whirl by as you do the following:


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